Newbie Kristina made her first sale in just two days

Are computers just not your thing? That’s how Kristina felt. But then she found out how super simple it was to get set up and run her own online store.

Kristina Caldwell – Founder of Eco & Organics, part-time school teacher

Kristina had always been passionate about organic, eco-friendly beauty products. She was forever recommending things to her friends until one of them pointed out that she could turn her passion into a side business via an online store.

Kristina signed up for a free online store with Ashop, then got her products up and running over a weekend – by Monday she’d made her very first sale!

‘I was really surprised when I made my first sale in 2 days! Apparently, Ashop Marketplace does marketing for my products – so I don’t have to worry about it!’ she says.   
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