Exciting news! In 2014, Ashop is introducing a brand-new marketplace - Ashop.me - where you can list all of your products for FREE.
  • It’s just like listing on eBay or Amazon. Ashop.me puts you in front of millions of shoppers looking for products like yours
  • No listing or setup fees and zero upfront costs if you’re an Ashop merchant
  • Feeds straight into your Ashop admin panel – so you can fulfil orders right away

We charge a low commission (9.9%) for successful sales and reinvest that money straight into advertising and marketing to attract more customers to Ashop.me.

Ready to get started? Here’s how:

Step 1 – Opt-in to the Ashop.me Marketplace

To list your products on Ashop.me, go to Store Settings>Store Front Settings and marking "Sell on Marketplace" as "Enabled". Don't forget to click "Save" in the bottom-left corner. And you’re ready to go!

If you only want some of your products listed on the marketplace, you can remove specific products. Go to Inventory>Products, select the product you would like to remove from the Ashop Marketplace and uncheck the "List on Marketplace" box.

Step 2 – Customers click and order your products when they shop on Ashop.me

Our team of online marketing experts are working 24 hours a day to bring even more shoppers to our site. We’re using some of the most advanced software and tools to find targeted customers for our merchants. 

Step 3 – Fulfil your order as usual

When a customer buys a product on Ashop.me, the order automatically appears on your admin interface on the Orders>Orders page. To ensure the best experience for all of our Ashop.me customers, we ask that our merchants fulfil and ship Ashop.me orders within the same timeframes as they advertise on their own websites.


For the full list of frequently asked questions, visit the FAQs Page.